Technology Infrastructure Contractors and Active Equipment Integrators
  Technology Infrastructure Contractors and Active Equipment Integrators

Premise Solutions is here to help you and your company Prepare, Budget, Construct and Certify your upcoming network / systems infrastructure projects. Today's advanced systems require an understanding of how all these technologies can converge under one design and installation scope.

Who is Premise Solutions?

We Are Network Infrastructure Design and Installation Experts.

We are the people that understand WI-FI and DAS integration complexities.



We Are Here To Help You With Active Network and Wireless Equipment Needs.



Company Overview

Today's complex world of communication technology is driving your business operations. You and your company need a knowledgeable partner to install and maintain these IP based systems.

Your network infrastructure is utilized every minute of the day to network via wired, wireless devices, IP telephones, security cameras, audio/visual, POE lighting, building controls, life safety systems, nurse call and soon the internet of everything. A Solution for your entire Premise needs to be implemented from design stage through full implementation so it can be utilized for years to come to efficiently manage your operations.


Converged Technologies......

Collaboration is the key to your business success. Converged technologies seamlessly working together allows team members achieve a successful outcome.

Premise Solutions can help you work through combining these technologies so your clients can have a unsurpassable user experience.

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Our attention to customer service and quality has made us a favorite IT vendor to our customers. At Premise Solutions we constantly strive to exceed your expectations and guide you through the labyrinth of daily technology decisions. We understand that there is a balance between budgets and performance. Finding the maximum performance for the best dollar value is one of our specialized skillsets.

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Future Infrastructure Plans?

Do you need budgeting or preconstruction assistance to assure success on an upcoming project?

Premise Solutions can help you and your company.


 We can provide to your company value added system engineering ideas. We allow your company to hit its budget mark without sacrificing project goals.


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